Not Just for Bad Backs

A few months ago I met a lovely woman in her mid 50’s asking if I would be able to help her with a back pain she’d had since she slipped on the stairs a few weeks before. While we talked about her health and regular activities she also mentioned that she was on a waiting list to see a physiotherapist for a knee problem that she’s been having for the last 18 months but said she knew I couldn’t help her with that.

We chatted a bit more and I asked her if she had ever been to see an osteopath before. She said no, she’d never had a bad back before. She’d had a frozen shoulder, and a problem with her ankle, but had seen the GP each time, who gave her some pain killers and eventually the pain had gone, just leaving some stiffness. She hasn’t been able to wear heels since because it makes her ankle feels sore and she told me she was sad that she couldn’t go back to playing badminton with her friends because her shoulder doesn’t move like it used to.

It was fantastic to be able to explain to her that with osteopathy I could help her with all those problems because osteopathy is a whole body therapy, not just for bad backs! Using an osteopathic approach we would look at how each part of her body worked with the rest and discover together which exercises and self-care methods would work best for her whole body, not just her back.

After injury, surgery or illness everyone wants to return to living their lives as actively as possible and as quickly as possible, ideally without lasting niggles. For some people this might mean returning to work or sport while for others it might mean they can look after their family more easily or be able to live independently again. Osteopaths can help with the whole body, from the big hip and shoulder joints to the elbows and knees and the tiny hand and foot joints. We can help with muscle and tendon problems, ligament trouble and symptoms of nerve problems like sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome. If you’ve got a sore or stiff neck or headaches caused by a stiff neck or shoulders come and see us!

Whether it’s a recent injury or an old problem you’ve put up with for years it’s likely an osteopath can help you manage your symptoms better and improve your movement. If you’re not sure whether osteopathy is right for you and your problem get in touch via Facebook messenger Tonbridge Osteopathic Clinic | Tonbridge | Facebook or email me at and we can talk through your symptoms. If I can’t help you myself then I can point you in the direction of someone that can or tell you how to help yourself at home.
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